Artist's Biography

Garri Matnadze / M.Garo

Born in Georgia, thousands of miles away from America, Garri (Garo) was raised in the Soviet Union. Studied Fine Art in Ukraine, Garo was fully exposed to the works of great, classical Russia's artists, which exposed the budding artist to the myriad of possibilities that the canvas could hold.

However, it would be the awe-inspiring work of the High Renaissance artist, Leonardo de Vinci that took hold of the young Georgian artist's imagination.

"It was not so much da Vinci's art that influenced me," said Garo. "It was his vision. Why shadows change? Why the sun changes direction? This is what concerned Leonardo. Movement. There is no stillness in his work. It was the meta-physics of his vision that set him apart from the other great masters. It was his vision that would serve as an impetus for me to chart my own independent course."

Today, twenty years after his arrival to the "New World" Garo has earned himself a B.F.A. from Parsons School of Design, and M.F.A. from Long Island University. He is a Creative Director and the head of his own Arts and Design Company. Works as a college professor, and art teacher and consultant in and around the New York area, and finally, the reason for it all: his work as a fine artist and designer has been recognized. His paintings are presently being exhibited in several galleries and private collections.

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