Private & SMALL GROUPS Lessons

For Kids, Teens, Adults & Families

Courses are offered in our studio or in the comfort of your home. 

One-on-One Class in Our Studio

  • 18 sessions  --------------- $ 90 per class
  • 12 sessions  --------------- $ 93 per class
  • 6 sessions  --------------- $ 95 per class
  • 1 session  --------------- $ 105 per class

Semi-Private in our Studio
(2+ Students)

  • 18 sessions  --------------- $ 50 per student
  • 12 sessions  --------------- $ 53 per student
  • 6 sessions  --------------- $ 55 per student
  • 1 session  --------------- $ 65 per student

One-on-One Class in Your House

  • 18 sessions  --------------- $ 120 per class
  • 12 sessions  --------------- $ 123 per class
  • 6 sessions  --------------- $ 125 per class
  • 1 session  --------------- $ 135 per class

    Group Private in Your House (5+ Students)

  • 18 sessions  --------------- $ 40 per student
  • 12 sessions  --------------- $ 43 per student
  • 6 sessions  --------------- $ 45 per student
  • 1 session  --------------- $ 55 per student

All lessons will be led by professional artist, designer, and teacher Garri Matnadze / M.Garo. Course fee includes: 90 minutes of instruction each class, or 45 minutes for students with special educational needs. All art materials included.
We also offer Portfolio Prep, and Art Parties. Call to register at 917.340.4087



Drawing 1

Ages 8+ Register

The methods and techniques of drawing will be explained and demonstrated, using nature as the subject. This enjoyable class will assist in the creation of strong vibrant images with a focus on developing a sense of line and proportion in drawing. Most suitable for the beginner student.

Painting 1

Ages 8+ Register

Emphasis will be on the proper use of paint, canvass, and other materials. Learn to develop your own personal style. The methods and techniques of painting will be explained and demonstrated, using nature as the subject, still life and landscapes. Most suitable for the beginner student.

Perspective 1

Ages 8+ Register

This class will focus on understanding and creating perspective in your art work. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of value, light, color, temperature and composition on your work. Learn the role that values play in creating form and the illusion of depth. Most suitable for the intermediate to advanced student.

Realism - Paint and Draw

Ages 11+ Register

Paint and draw from real life. Put multiple techniques to work to achieve depth and realism in your painting and drawing. Emphasis will be placed on light values, composition and technique. For the advanced student.

Old Master Techniques

Ages 11+ Register

Using oil paints, students will learn the time-tested Old Master techniques of grisaille (monochrome) under painting and glazing, how it was done during the Renaissance time period and later, by masters such as Rubens and Rembrandt. For the advanced student.

Portfolio for HS and College

Ages 11+ Register

This class will focus on the development of an Art Portfolio for HS and College. Emphasis on creating projects in fine art, sculpture, and digital media including: computer graphics, multimedia, animations and videos. Most suitable from the intermediate to advanced student.

Other Lessons

Contact Us

If you don't see a class or media that you like to learn or master, including but not limited to fine art, new media, graphic design, multimedia, animations and video editing, please contact us to give a suggestion. We will develop a custom curriculum for you particular needs.

Dear Garri,

I just want to thank you for the class yesterday. The piece you helped them produce is gorgeous. Rainer had a great time, and is very proud of what she learned. I know that the kids get exposed all year to art instruction, but the materials you have introduced are unusual and engage a lot of their senses.

Thanks for creating the opportunity.
Looking forward for the next classes,


We are flexible and willing to work with you, and with any schedule conflicts you may have. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have!

For more information, please call (917) 340-4087, or e-mail

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