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Developing a strong portfolio usually requires between 6, 12 and 24 sessions
Courses are offered in our studio or in the comfort of your home. 

Portfolio Prep in our studio

  • 24 sessions  --------------- $ 60 per class
  • 12 sessions  --------------- $ 75 per class
  • 1-6 sessions  --------------- $ 80 per class

In the comfort of your home

  • 24 sessions  --------------- $ 85 per class
  • 12 sessions  --------------- $ 95 per class
  • 1-6 sessions  --------------- $ 105 per class

All lessons will be led by professional artist, designer, and teacher Garri Matnadze / M.Garo. Course fee includes 2 academic hours of instruction each class, all art materials included.
We also offer private art classes. Call to register at 917.340.4087


COURSE Description

The Portfolio Prep Course has been designed for students who are applying to the Visual Art, Architecture and Design Highs Schools & Colleges. This course is run by Garo, Brooklyn artist and designer, who has been involved in the art education since 1994. As college professor, and portfolio consultant, Garo taught and advised students on the make-up of their admission art portfolios. Garo is familiar with the entry requirements of all major fine art, architecture and design programs.

What Is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is simply a selection of an artist's artwork. A portfolio containing artwork that does not represent an artist's strengths or does not demonstrate skills needed to succeed in particular Arts High School or College often prevent students from being accepted. Portfolios are a Primary Criterion to Evaluate Applicants at Visual Art, Architecture and Design College Programs and at Arts High Schools.

Why Portfolios Are Required for Admission?

Most Arts High Schools and Colleges of art and most Visual Arts, Architectural and Design Programs require a portfolio for admission because previous experience in the visual arts is required. This helps ensure all students are committed to the arts and ready to successfully enter an intensive art program during the first year.

1. Portfolios ensures students accepted to arts high schools and college have the visual skills needed to succeed at the arts high school or college. When Students Are Not Accepted to a Program Requiring Portfolios, It does not mean they do not have talent.

2. Portfolios demonstrate student commitment and interest level in their chosen area of study. Portfolios take long time to produce, representing numerous studies, art classes and self-investigations.

3. A well-prepared portfolio offers more financial opportunity. Excellent portfolios often receive more scholarship funds! Having a portfolio that is thoughtful, professional and well-conceived can provide more merit aid.


Dear Garri,

I just want to thank you for the class yesterday. The piece you helped them produce is gorgeous. Rainer had a great time, and is very proud of what she learned. I know that the kids get exposed all year to art instruction, but the materials you have introduced are unusual and engage a lot of their senses.

Thanks for creating the opportunity.
Looking forward for the next classes,


We are flexible and willing to work with you, and with any schedule conflicts you may have. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have!

For more information, please call (917) 340-4087, or e-mail mgaro02@gmail.com.

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