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Are you searching for a serious art program?

Welcome to M.GARO! We offer year-round in-depth art program for children, teens and adults. At M.GARO art students not only learn how to draw and design, they develop creative problem solving skills and increase confidence in themselves.


My teaching philosophy is to engage my students in creative thinking activities and encourage problem solving and idea generation. My students collaborate with each other and with me to build and exchange thoughts, and challenged each other's logical reasoning. Creative and critical thinking skills are essential components of problem solving and show up again and again across all disciplines, whatever we choose to pursue, these life affirming skills will set us on a successful path.

Many theorists in the field of Gifted Education include creativity in their explanation of giftedness. Renowned geniuses, the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin, exhibited the remarkable ability to generate many, various, unique, and detailed ideas; it is their thought processes that I revisit constantly and strive to continuously learn from and then act as conduit in bringing their special brand of creativity into my students' lives.

Class Curriculum

My lesson plans based on E. Paul Torrance's work who worked broadly, in the field of creativity. Torrance, the "Father of Creativity" talked about four elements to creativity: Fluency (# of ideas), Flexibility (variety of ideas), Originality (uniqueness of ideas), and Elaboration (details of ideas).

Our step-by-step methods teaches students to break down complex objects into basic foundational shapes. As they learn how to draw, paint, sculpt design, and animate, the experience, repetition and variety of engaging and relevant subject matter brings them to increased levels of mastery in traditional visual arts media and multimedia.

What's unique about our programs?

Individualized attention to students at M.Garo is at the heart of the learning process. Our program is tailored specifically to meet and challenge students' abilities and needs. Our student curriculum ranges from basic to advanced level and from the more traditional to modern art movements. All programs are based on our belief that students learn in different ways and best through different mediums and concept modeling using examples and models from world wide arts history. Students at M.Garo learn the building blocks of visual art: drawing, design, sculpting, making movies, but most importantly they learn that it is important to embrace their uniqueness and they will always find ways to bring to bear this life skill.

Our supportive, non-competitive environment allows students to explore their creativity while providing enough structure to ensure skill development. Small class sizes of six or less are designed to maximize individual attention to each student. We continue to refine and expand our program to bring you the most innovative and current methods in art education.

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Dear Garri,

I just want to thank you for the class yesterday. The piece you helped them produce is gorgeous. Rainer had a great time, and is very proud of what she learned. I know that the kids get exposed all year to art instruction, but the materials you have introduced are unusual and engage a lot of their senses.

Thanks for creating the opportunity.
Looking forward for the next classes,


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